Zelda Ocarina of Time

if you were alive during the N64 days and didn’t play The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time i feel sorry for you.

the 1st 3D triforce, brah


such golden. great opportunity. so impress.

bling bling bling


hyrule doesn’t eff around with it’s sacred jewels.

this fucking guy


creepy cycloptic ghost slaver.

THIS fucking guy


goron king needs to lay off the juice.

this chick


whoever owns bombachu ally should maybe consider having a stricter hiring policy at an EXPLOSIVE FIRING RANGE

running wi dat six fo stick doe


like skateboarding speed wobbles for fucks sake.

zombies choking you out


this shit was pretty raw for nintendo

secret underground cows


took me years to find out you could milk these suckers

mario easter eggs in the castle


pretty much lost my shit when i saw this back in the day

kidnap. every. fairy.



before i forget, FUCK THIS PLACE


deep breaths….

bet you didn’t do this on your Ocarina of Time file!


beat the whole game with only 3 HEARTS and NO DEATHS. not those “super,” reinforced hearts you get later tho, the original, weak ones. if there were achievements or trophies back in the day who would have been able to get this one??

don’t know why but i used to go to the windmill and listen to this song over and over. brings me right back if i listen to it today…

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