X Wing

Star Wars X Wing is the best star wars game. (Jedi Knight II: Dark Forces is a close 2nd). it’s my favorite flight sim and just an all around golden PC game. (ok, maybe it’s not a flight sim… but it’s cool!) guess what? you can still play it today, get it here for $4.99!!

star wars dogfights done right

this happens to be from the cinematic intro to the game if i remember correctly…

every rebel fighter MUST REGISTER

a VERY serious offense in the alliance…

lots of games let you do this but this game did it better

thermal exhaust port fail

engage! or… something…

“number 1 i order you to take a number 2”

training courses! 

these were so fun!

loved this interactive game menu

for 1993? come on, dog.

anyone see the marking on the bottom of this ship?!



don’t poke me with that shit


military space funerals are just the worst. especially when they park to close too the atmosphere.

let R2 tell you all about the A-wing

doesn’t R2 have like, better shit to do?



you can practically smell the spacecraft


thanks for brining me home safely, penis head guy

and you wave phallic symbols all day? you got issues brah.

(all Star Wars X Wing content is property of Lucas Arts)

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