Warcraft 2

now back in the early PC days, things were different. you kids may never feel the level of excitement that Warcraft 2 Tides of Darkness gave me. the soundbites, the graphics, the gameplay… my first favorite RTS <3

there aren’t enough gifs online for this game but it’s gotta make my list!

i miss these PC game boxes ;(

remember when stores used to have like juge BINS of PC games for super cheap??


that APM, dog. your peons live or die on YOUR ACTIONS.

epic cinematics (lolz)

i mean… this was epic tho.

puttin in WORK

always upgrade that cannon tower.


range FTW

remember that direct modem connect on BNET?!

MOM!!! don’t pick up the phone, I’M GAMING.

before khaleesi ever mothered any dragons

these units never really felt like they paid off but i still built them every chance i got

wish i could find some more gifs (especially of the naval battles!! oil rigs!!) but instead lets focus on sound for a bit.

these sound fx still work their way into my every day language.

this music still gets me nervous about what may lay just outside the fog of war and hearing it again on the hearthstone loading screen is a welcomed nostalgia blast every time!

(all Warcraft content is property of Blizzard Entertainment)

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