Super Metroid

the mother of all metroid-vania games: Super Metroid. the mood of this game is absolutely amazing. from the music and sound to the graphics and gameplay it’s a masterpiece!

first, a little backstory

girl’s been at war yo

seems like a tight place to land

bit rainy tho

gimme that!

it’s the last one!

we’ve got science to do

you just keep on trying till you run out of cake

no need for an umbrella when you have a POWER SUIT

so much STYLE

my fav equipment


the “secret” moves!!

these super moves were such a mystery to me for most of my childhood. the internet removes all mystery nowadays!

wise little critters

teach me your sick moves brah

but we’re FRANZ

i don’t wanna hurt you….

what could it be?!




downward and upward! or… something….



they see me ride-innnnn, they hate-innnnnn


i mean… you saw that right?

come on, be honest, you didn’t know she was a girl until you saw this the first time


gg, QQ

whos gunna save that metroid now? n00b…..

you’re welcome for this time machine, just close your eyes……

(all Metroid content is property of Nintendo)

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