Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 may not be the first 3D game but in my opinion it definitely was the 1st time the masses experienced fun, simple physics and exploration in large 3D spaces in a truly easy to control way.

FLYING!! …and falling.

the first time you slapped on the wing cap and flew… amazing.

even mario can get overkills

now that’s a bit excessive….

don’t be fooled by all the peace signs…

uhhhhhhhhh…. hey bebe. hu hu.

dude will TOSS YOU INTO A HUGE BOMB if you kidnap his girl

don’t forget the backflip and perfect 10 landing to add insult to injury.

the “world map” with the castle and paintings was dope

anyone else remember the green shell you unlocked after having 6 stars? LAVA SURFS UP DUDE!

beware of the dog

take another step and GET REKT

what happens in ice world stays in ice world

penguins have like multiple babies, right?


p.s. where were you all game??? dick.

portals! before GLaDOS and all that cake

parkour mario

i was always trying to find the stylish ways to complete sections… you can only beat a game so many times before you have to entertain yourself.


this was more fun that it should have been

good clean fun 😀

love this cheesy e-piano song, prolly my fave in the game. nintendo always finds a way to make everything light and fun.

(all Mario content is property of Nintendo)

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