Silent Hill 2

from pyramid head’s orgy to the endless staircase with an air raid siren, Silent Hill 2 has many moments you can’t unsee nor easily forget.

james won’t be swayed

so give it up, yo

cause he’s got cool people to meet

and judge, apparently

people with… “opinions”

only in silent hill

people with… issues

take it easy with that!

people with… optimism 

i agree with you, they probably can’t happen in SH….

people with… staring problems

that’s sexual harassment!

pick a noose, any noose!


could we like, not, please?

yea, that’d be great

i’d rather be watching TV at home

ready for the BIG GAME

or maybe not…



seems like a good way to go

just taking a stroll!


it’s times like these i like to reflect

on all the good things


and the star of the show

hai frand


#TBT to that one time you walked in on pyramid head

def knocking on every door for the rest of my life after this one


one satisfying BLAST


(all Silent Hill content is property of Konami)

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