FTL: Faster Than Light

FTL (Faster Than Light) lets you live your nerdy ass fantasy of being a starship captain. whether you are a TNG, BSG, DS9, or hell, even a star wars fan, THIS GAME lets you make all the decisions that the captains of your favorite sci fi worlds make. add in perma death and the procedurally generated, never-ending aspect of this game and you have a WINNER.

solid gold. if you have steam or an ipad, GET THIS GAME.

by the way, it’s really hard. don’t give up 🙂

listen, i’m not trying to claim that i’m good at this game… but naming is half the battle with RPGs!

but i only name my ships after something phallic…. ps, peep ‘laforge’ with those repairs & captain ‘hook’ and his skilled evasions… captain ‘crunch’ tho, he was a survivor!

this may not be from the game…

but this is why this game exists 🙂

so many shipssssssss 😀

gotta unlock em doe

agghhhhgh, wanna stop typing and play!

go for weapons… NO, reactor upgrade… NO, shields! wait…. blast doors!

slowly repairing, always repairing…. 

twist that wreeeench

the star map is sooo coooool

undoubtedly, you will see this… A LOT

it can happen SO QUICKLY. no undo, brah. stay frosty.


nuff said.

ben prunty’s score compliments this game better than milk compliments cookies… let it play!

(all FTL content is property of Subset Games)

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