Final Fantasy IX

yes, Final Fantasy IX is my favorite. is it an easy choice to make? no. do i care that you are upset that i didn’t choose VII? definitely not. why? cause my second choice is FFX! (OMG RIGHT?) this post could never do justice to the amazing art direction, music, memorable moments…. GO BUY THE NEW RE-RELEASE AND PLAY IT R/N!

vivi’s struggle with death

i think 9 is all about the feels for me… maybe princess garnet tho… yea, probably garnet… but the FEELS!!

the original moogle fuckboys

i think the FF9 moogles are my favorite #SAVEMOGNET

the card game (so fun!)

whenever there is a lone NPC like way off in the middle of nowhere, and you haven’t saved, and then you challenge them to a game, and then they jack your cards, and then you have to keep playing them to get it back aaaaahhhhhhhhhh!

probably spent 4 hours on this each playthrough

they throw this mini game at you right away and if you play RPG’s like me, you can’t progress until you’ve beaten it to the fullest… good luck!

i thought kuja was lame at first

can’t remember why i thought that because he’s actually kinda BA

cause i mean, his goal is just to kill everyone

and killing everyone is cool right?

and he’s def got the power to do so


maybe it was how emo he is….

that moment in every JRPG when the hero and villain like bro down and realize they are the same

so now it’s time for the princess garnet shrine

the best love interest in any FF hands down



cop a feel

“ooo, soft”???? come on dude…..

as far as pixelated butts go….

not bad…


but she isn’t afraid to crack the whip!

and you’d be wise to comply!


cause she’s a sensitive gal



and like most princesses, she needs your help


cause who could say no to this??

answer: NOBODY


ok back to the feels

freya and sir fratley’s sotry alongside with vivi, TOO MANY FEELS


the QTE play sequence is so fun

what’s my line again?!

the attention to detail in every scene is incredible

so much character.

guess i gotta stop somewhere tho (so i can go play the re-release!)


instant feels for me with the menu music.

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