Castlevania SOTN

everyone who would even consider calling themselves a gamer needs to beat castlevania: symphony of the night.

death straight running your shit


right away when you start the game, you have (almost) the best gear in the game, you’re running around like a badass with all this baller gear and then all of a sudden, BAM! death shows up and jacks your shit.

STUPID amount of items

SOTN Items

there are endless amounts of unique consumable and equipable items. japanese food, strange weapons, status effects…..

cool ones too


pentagram for that ass

merkin fools


some enemies scream, some explode with blood, others burst into flames or turn to stone. always satisfying.

alucard is 1% vampire & 99% #YOLOSWAG


you just feel like a badass when you are good at this game. callin in spells, rollin with your familiars, chillin.

SOTN’s “interactive” loading screen


if you’ve done it, you get it, it’s fun, shut up.

epic prolouge


SPOILER ALERT: the beginning is epic.

the Castlevania SOTN score


this fountain has nothing to do with the music but it’s cool.

you can check out the score by Michiru Yamane <—-here.

(all Castlevania content is property of Konami)

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