GDC and PAX East 2018 Recap

Thanks to our kickstarter backers we were able to attend GDC this year and we won “Best in Play”! We also attended PAX East and showed AVARIAvs in Kickstarter Couchland. Below are some photos and videos from both conventions.

AVARIAvs booth at GDC 2018 before + after
interview of Andrew Linde at GDC
showing AVARIAvs at the Devolver Digital party on some pink cubes, “bring your own indie” style!
Samuel Eng being interviewed at the Unity Headquarters during GDC

Sam “blowing off steam” with Jonah (from Kung Fu Kickball) after GDC in Japantown

AVARIAvs in Kickstarter Couchland at PAX East
some LoL fans from the room next door bringing their friends by for some ultrafast turnbased combat!

PAX East crowds get ready for the expo!

AVARIAvs badge for Kickstarter Couchland at PAX East
Samuel Eng at his Zarvot booth

tabletop MADNESS

the JRPG panel Andrew was on at PAX East
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