Two Races

On AVARIA there are two very different races that inhabit the planet: Eoni & Hume.

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The Eoni are hatched from eggs that grow naturally within the Center of Life and have no means of alternative reproduction. Their power comes solely from their intellect, allowing them telekinetic and meditation-based powers that are much more precise, yet more limited, than the Mana of Humes. The Eoni are immortal in the sense that they do not age or become ill, but are capable of dying from accidents or physical violence. Believing that being exposed to or even simply seeing a Hume can turn them Hume, they stay within The Structure. In general, the Eoni view the Hume as foreign invaders, but believe the Hume are too strong to repel. All Eoni’s focus on staying inside The Structure and preserving the culture they have left rather than trying to reclaim what they believe they’ve lost.


The Hume look like Earth humans but are much more beautiful. They tap into the Mana within Avaria using emotions, allowing them diverse and incredibly potent abilities. Unlike the Eoni they sprang from, the Hume are subject to aging and disease, but are also capable of reproducing traditionally. As a rule of thumb, most Hume are very sexually charged and are focused on constant and instant gratification. They have a well-developed array of arts and entertainment within their culture mostly focusing on intense pleasure in the form of clubs, brothels, and other forms of mana-infused debauchery. The vast majority of Humes subscribe to The Way (the government-sponsored religion) and nearly all of them revere Aesa as the leader of all Humes.

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