The Center of Life

All humanoid life originates from this mystical location deep within the great forests of AVARIA, safely protected by The Structure.

Illustration by: Steve Carruthers

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None are allowed to enter this area except the government-issued A.I. Robots stationed there to tend to and assist in the hatching of newborn Eoni. Nobody knows how or why these eggs sprout from the ground in this area but it is a topic of study for many Eoni Elders.

Ancient stone stairs, altars and runes are littered amidst some of the newer, highly technological installations including the runes that outline the birth of the “Eoni Twins.” The eggs themselves radiate in a spiral pattern from a central point, each egg nestled in a small bed of vegetation and vines. No exact count is kept for how many eggs are in The Center of Life at any given time but is said to be in the hundreds.


The Center of Life Process

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