AVARIA World Building

The AVARIA World project was started in 2013 with the goal to create a new fantasy sci-fi IP. Artists from around the world collaborated to create the environments, characters and monsters that inhabit the planet called “AVARIA.”


“If it’s the last thing I do, I’ll kill them all, every last one of them, no matter the cost.” – Neasa Illustration by: Alex Bobylev Comment on DeviantArt Neasa has only one goal in life: revenge against the Mana Army. Neasa grew up very poor and because of limited options, her only brother joined the …

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“Oh my, oh dear, oh no We can’t possibly be bothered with that, it’s far too dangerous ” -SRVR Illustration by: Alex Bobylev Comment on DeviantArt Unit #337894447-HH (AKA: SRVR) is a standard issue A.I. (also known as a “Servo”) assigned to Bion at birth. He has a few malfunctions that make him quite unique compared …

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“Kindness a racts more kindness and life is good, it’s that simple.” -Kära Illustration by: Alex Bobylev Comment on DeviantArt Kära is a sweet-hearted, kind girl who is a 3rd generation Hume living just outside The Structure in an orphanage for Mutts recently banished from their home. Her grandmother founded the orphanage and is still headmistress. …

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“Did you see that… ‘girl’” -Bion Illustration by: Alex Bobylev Comment on DeviantArt A mysterious sighting in the Forest of Changings has Bion and company quite perplexed. Maybe there are more like her out there somewhere?   ??? Process Comment on DeviantArt


“I cannot defy the Elders but I will do whatever it takes to find my sister.” -Bion   Illustration by: Alex Bobylev Comment on DeviantArt Bion is one of the two prophetic “Eoni Twins.” He and his sister were Siamese twins at birth allegedly fulflling an ancient prophecy. During the surgical separation from his sister, he sustained …

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The Center of Life

All humanoid life originates from this mystical location deep within the great forests of AVARIA, safely protected by The Structure. Illustration by: Steve Carruthers Comment on DeviantArt None are allowed to enter this area except the government-issued A.I. Robots stationed there to tend to and assist in the hatching of newborn Eoni. Nobody knows how or …

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Seraph Keres

“With these gifts I have been given, I will free AVARIA of strife and sorrow, forever.” -Keres Illustration by: Joel Lagerwall Comment on DeviantArt Keres Process Comment on DeviantArt


“Family, important. Skróng, not.” -Skróng Illustration by: Joel Lagerwall Comment on DeviantArt Most people in Avaria know Skróng as the right hand man of the General; only a few speak of his origins. Legend has it he was born near the Manamire Swamp on the outskirts of the Mana Army HQ, Skróng was born severely mutated; …

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“Am i dead or alive? I can still feel… something. Or maybe this is all just a bad dream…” -Elias Illustration by: Alex Bobylev Comment on DeviantArt Elias was a carefree vagabond who never missed an opportunity to make a buck (or impress a woman) until a string of bad luck fored him to enlist in …

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Two Races

On AVARIA there are two very different races that inhabit the planet: Eoni & Hume. Comment on DeviantArt Eoni The Eoni are hatched from eggs that grow naturally within the Center of Life and have no means of alternative reproduction. Their power comes solely from their intellect, allowing them telekinetic and meditation-based powers that are much …

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